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Take this Holland Code career quiz to discover your interests and talents.

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Explore agriculture and food careers that match your interests and preferences.

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Learn about careers along Canada's food supply system and where your skills are needed.

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Find scholarship and post-secondary opportunities to get started on your career journey.

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*Mark your calendars*

November is Canada Career Month!

We're excited to participate in Canada Career Month celebrations again this year as we help AMPLIFY career opportunities for youth and connect with industry professionals across Canada!


In November, AITC Canada will team up with the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF) and other industry professionals across multiple sectors to showcase a variety of career-focused tools and resources designed with the classroom in mind.

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Are you a proud member of the agriculture and food industry? Visit our Partners page to learn how you can help AITC-C AMPLIFY career learning and encourage the next generation of leaders to #thinkAG for their future career! 

What’s your ideal future career? Looking for a job that will be:

  • Rewarding?
  • In demand?
  • Secure?
  • Impactful?
  • The right fit for your lifestyle?

Then #thinkAG!

Your ideal future belongs to you. Many Canadians have found their dream future by building their careers in agriculture and food. No matter your interest, you can find a meaningful career here.


Canada plays a vital role in feeding the world. We need people like YOU, with new ideas and a fresh perspective, to make it possible!

Watch: Your Life, Your Agriculture

Watch: Your Life, Your Agriculture

Why #thinkAG?

1 in 8 jobs in the Canadian workforce are in agriculture and food.

If the agriculture industry can recruit the right people with the right skills, it could become more productive than auto manufacturing and aerospace combined.

There are more job opportunities in agriculture than there are graduates to fill them.

123,000: The number of unfilled agriculture jobs expected in 2029.

The average Canadian agricultural worker's hourly pay is approximately $18.44, which is 25% above the national average.