Web Developer


Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.

Neville Brody 
Web Developer

In A Nutshell

I design websites to fit my customers' specific needs. 

I create mockups to let customers get a feel for the appearance and flow of the website so they can give me their opinions.  

 I conduct tests to make sure the site is safe and secure. 


Potential Salary Range

$23.00 - 33.00 Hourly

Which provinces would this job be in?

Alberta AB
British Columbia BC
British Columbia
Manitoba MB
New Brunswick NB
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador NL
Newfoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia NS
Nova Scotia
Nunavut NU
Northwest Territories NWT
Northwest Territories
Ontario ON
Quebec QC
Saskwatchewan SK

I spend most of my time in a home office on my computer. When I need to get in touch with customers, our modern virtual world makes it easy to connect and bounce around ideas from the comfort of my own home. 



Job Requirements & Duties

  • Consult with customers to understand their requirements
  • Develop website structure and figure out hardware and software needs
  • Design the appearance, layout, and flow of the website
  • Create content using graphics, animation, and software
  • Test for website security and quality
  • Lead and communicate with teams that are made up of people from different companies with different skills 

Education & Training

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science, communications or business, or a college program in computer science, graphic arts, web design or business is required. Experience as a computer programmer or graphic designer is usually required.

Job Outlook

    The outlook for this job is considered to be fair to good in most provinces. Over the period 2019-2028, it's predicted that there will be 10,900 new web designer and developer jobs to fill in Canada. 

Related School Subjects

Ed. Prof. et Tech.
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Career Education

What words come to mind when thinking about this career?

Computers Technology Coding Design

Important Skills



 Customers will come to me with an ever-changing list of what they’re looking for, and I have to be very flexible and understanding so they get the website they want.


Data Processing Technicians may work on multiple projects at once. Being comfortable working on multiple projects or tasks will be important in avoiding errors with data collection or reporting. 

Computer & Technological icon

Computer & Technological

The most important part of designing websites is enjoying and feeling comfortable working with computers and coding!



While I work independently on my computer, I keep in touch with my clients constantly to pass ideas back and forth, so I need good people skills to keep up a positive relationship. 


The Best Things About This Job Are…

Pays Well
Creative Work
Independent Work
Using Technology
Flexible Work Environment