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We want all Canadian students to see a future career for themselves in agriculture and food.

There have been many conversations highlighting a looming skills and labour crisis in Canada's agriculture and food industry. We view this as an incredible opportunity for young people - our future leaders! For Canada to remain competitive, and to lead the way globally, AITC-C will strive to ensure that the next generation's best and brightest minds are interested in pursuing careers in agriculture and food. 

Johanne Ross
Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame Recipient, 2021

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Why Should Youth thinkAG?

  1. The agriculture and food sector employs over 2 million Canadians in cities and towns across the country, in a variety of fields to suit every interest, passion and skill set.
  2. Careers in agriculture and food offer higher than average salaries and employment security.
  3. Numerous scholarships are available to students pursuing agricultural-focused post-secondary education.
  4. The diversity of the industry allows people to work in areas they're passionate about, whether it be developing exciting new technologies, working with plants, animals, or people, or creating food sustainability programs.
  5. Working in agriculture means finding solutions to some of our world’s most complex problems, including climate change, food security, and sustainability.
  6. The agriculture and food sector offers abundant career opportunities, including jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), business and beyond.
  7. Agriculture is innovative, diverse, technologically advanced, dynamic, and growing!

The Canadian agriculture and food sector feeds our world and our economy. Agriculture supports Canada's growth! 

Seed Minds. Nourish Skill. Grow Youth. Cultivate Careers.

Like a teacher in the classroom, Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) is committed to encouraging students to develop a passion for lifelong learning through collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. AITC-C works with our provincial members and partners to ensure students and teachers are equipped with curriculum-linked resources, programs, and experiences to have a balanced understanding of agriculture and food. 

To deliver upon this promise, we have devoted an entire initiative to helping students learn about the diverse and exciting career opportunities in the agriculture and food industry. Thinking outside of the box, we bring students into a world of agriculture education that inspires curiosity in the many career opportunities throughout our food system. By inspiring students to thinkAG and picture themselves working in agriculture and food, we’re helping to close the industry's labour gap. Not only that - we're building the next generation of informed consumers, influential thought leaders, and skilled Canadians.

thinkAG is dedicated to those in their pre-teen to teenage years - but no matter who you are - there's something for you here! Whether you're a student, teacher, parent, or partner in progress, we encourage you to explore our resources to discover the diverse world of agriculture and food careers. It's never too early or too late to consider a career in this ever-growing industry. 

Agriculture is how we will ensure a food system that cultivates a better future for all. thinkAG highlights the exciting and challenging careers in agriculture through engaging activities and real-life examples of career paths in this industry to prepare the next generation of leaders.

Connie Tamoto
Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility - Canada, Cargill

Our Motivation

Through the thinkAG platform, AITC helps students perceive the agriculture and food sector as a viable, desirable, and exciting place to have a career.

thinkAG is here to:

  • Highlight the advancements of modern agriculture and the diversity of career opportunities that exist in this dynamic industry;
  • Engage students and educators to explore the myriad of career opportunities available in the agriculture and food sector;
  • Inspire students from all backgrounds to envision themselves working in agriculture and food;
  • Support educators, parents, and counselors with curriculum-linked resources and outreach opportunities for students in the classroom and at home;
  • Partner with educational and industry stakeholders focusing on career promotion and skills development; and,
  • Increase students' and educators' connection to and understanding of Canadian agriculture.

thinkAG's Growing Impact

"Technologies can be used for agriculture. It's our future!" - Student

"A passion developed during youth can make unsuspected dreams come true" - Teacher

"My partner and I really enjoyed interacting with the teens and teaching them about robotics in the context of agriculture" - Volunteer

"Everyone can make a difference in agriculture and food" - Student

"I will be successful at my job when one of my students chooses a career in Agriculture!" -Teacher

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