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I will be successful at my job when one of my students chooses a career in Agriculture!

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You have a key role to play in your students' decision-making. 

Parents and guardians have the most influence on career choices. Teachers are equally likely to be asked about career information as parents. The opportunity to help teens find their dream career lies in the palm of your hand - in the experiences you provide and the doors you help them open.

Opening the door to agriculture and food knowledge means equipping youth with skills they need to be informed future consumers, influential thought leaders, and impactful Canadians

The more students know about how and where their food is produced, the more curious they’ll be about who produces their food. There are so many people who help to bring food to our tables - and Canadian youth are needed to help fill the important jobs that feed our world.

This is where thinkAG comes in – to help you communicate to your kids and students about the diverse, abundant and exciting careers in agriculture and food awaiting them. 

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Why Should Youth thinkAG?

  1. The agriculture and food sector employs over 2 million Canadians in cities and towns across the country, in a variety of fields to suit every interest, passion and skill set.
  2. Careers in agriculture and food offer higher than average salaries and employment security.
  3. Numerous scholarships are available to students pursuing agricultural-focused post-secondary education.
  4. The diversity of the industry allows people to work in areas they're passionate about, whether it be developing exciting new technologies, working with plants, animals or people, or creating food sustainability programs.
  5. Working in agriculture means finding solutions to some of our world’s most complex problems, including climate change, food security, and sustainability.
  6. The agriculture and food sector offers abundant career opportunities, including jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), business and beyond.
  7. Agriculture is innovative, diverse, technologically advanced, dynamic, and growing!

The Canadian agriculture and food sector feeds our world and our economy. Agriculture supports Canada's growth! 

FREE Events & Programs

We want students to witness firsthand the wonderful world of agriculture and food through hands-on, interactive experiences. We create content designed to educate, excite, and engage youth on careers in this important Canadian industry.

Explore our events and programs below!  

genAG (Grades 9-12)

Students develop ideas on how they can promote agriculture and food careers to their peers and showcase through presentations with the opportunity to participate in a competition.

Subject to availability and offerings within each province.

Career Expos (Grades 6-12)

Through hands-on workshops led by members of the agriculture and food community, students learn about food production, farming, and more - and explore the many careers in the industry.

Currently in Saskatchewan only; working on expansion - stay tuned!

Career Competitions (Grades 5-12)

Help students make-real world connections and learn about future career pathways in the agri-food sector! Each event features a variety of agriculture industry representatives who run hands-on stations related to agriculture, food and careers.

Students rotate between stations to learn about agriculture and food. At each station, students are tested and provided points on their ability to demonstrate key 21st century learning skills such as teamwork, communication, and critical thinking, as well as their newly acquired knowledge of agriculture and food.

Currently in Ontario only; working on expansion - stay tuned!

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