Agricultural Business Advisor


Learning about cutting-edge technology and helping to find financial support for new companies is super exciting and rewarding.

Justin Redekop
Agricultural Business Advisor

In A Nutshell

I give advice to businesses or individuals to help prepare them for the future.

I go through data to understand trends and make predictions about the economy.

I use my knowledge of the economy to learn more about the agricultura industry and the goods and services within it.


Potential Salary Range

$85,000 - 92,000 Annually

Which provinces would this job be in?

Alberta AB
British Columbia BC
British Columbia
Manitoba MB
New Brunswick NB
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador NL
Newfoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia NS
Nova Scotia
Ontario ON
Prince Edward Island PEI
Prince Edward Island
Quebec QC
Saskwatchewan SK

I spend most of my time working out of my office, where I do research, write reports, and consult with customers and experts about the trends in the economy.  



Job Requirements & Duties

  • Understand what factors are impacting certain trends, like weather and policy
  • Go through data to understand trends and make predictions about the economy
  • Write reports that explain trends and factors in a way that customers and other economists can understand
  • Use computer software to create models and graphs of economic patterns
  • Give presentations on trends and predictions to customers and companies
  • Find new areas of the economy that haven’t been researched and organize research projects 
  • Analyze business plans and give advice to individuals with companies, or to those trying to start a new company
  • Meet with government officials, entrepreneurs, and service providers

Education & Training

  • Usually a post graduate degree like a Master’s or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in agricultural economics is required, but some positions only require a university degree with some experience. 

Job Outlook

    Experts predict that the outlook for future employees in this field will be good over the next five years.

Related School Subjects

69 Math
Social Studies
Career Education

What words come to mind when thinking about this career?

Economy Trends Markets Policy Research

Important Skills

Research icon


Science is ever-changing when it comes to nutrition. Having a strong skill set in understanding and analyzing research is key.

Computer & Technological icon

Computer & Technological

These days, we’re able to model trends and make predictions using computers, so it’s helpful to be comfortable working with computers and the new programs. 

Verbal Communication

The economy can be an overwhelming and confusing topic for a lot of people; it’s my role to explain situations to them in a way they can understand and make informed decisions from.  

Critical Thinking

The agriculture economy is full of trends and patterns; it’s my role to think critically and figure out which of these patterns is worth trusting and following.


The Best Things About This Job Are…

Helps Others
Continuous Learning
Has Business Perks
Regular Hours
Problem Solving