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About thinkAG

What is thinkAG?

thinkAG is a collection of teaching resources and outreach tools that encourage students to explore and get curious about the myriad of career opportunities in agriculture and food. thinkAG means “think agriculture” when considering your future career options! 

The agriculture and food industry employs over 2 million Canadians. There are ample and diverse opportunities for employment in the industry, no matter your interests.

Career Info

Why are careers in agriculture and food SO important? What can it offer me?

Working in agriculture and food is incredibly meaningful. By carving out your career path in this industry, you have the opportunity to:

  • feed the world;
  • improve the environmental impact of food production;
  • ensure food safety;
  • care for animals;
  • have a diverse career path; 
  • ensure economic and social sustainability – because agriculture is the foundation of life. 

What are the top questions teens have about careers?

Young Canadians are typically asking most about the potential salary, job outlook, and education and training requirements associated with different careers. This is also statistically higher for students in Grade 12.

How do we engage students with career information?

The #1 preference of teens (and most useful) method of learning about careers is through hands-on experiences, so it's important we provide as many of these opportunities as possible to young Canadians!

Generally speaking, teens' default learning method is to conduct an internet search, or go directly to an educational or training organization’s website to get more information on various careers. Their preferred way to search for careers online is to look by specific careers. Grade 12 students would rather search by career pathways, while younger grades lean toward searching by interests.

Holland Code

What are Holland codes?

Holland codes help to match interests to careers, allowing us to explore career clusters based upon our interests. Holland codes are personality types created by Dr. John Holland, a psychologist, as part of his scientific theory of career choice. Learn more here.


Are there scholarships and other cool opportunities available in agriculture and food?

YES! Check out the Scholarships section to explore the many opportunities available to Canadian students.

Education & Schooling

Does a career in agriculture involve lots of schooling? Where can I go for this schooling?

It varies depending on what type of career you choose! Check out the Scholarships and Opportunities page for Canadian post-secondary institutions that have agriculture and food related studies to find what works best for you.

Explore Our Food System

People keep talking about a food supply system or agriculture value chain. What does this mean?

The Food System is all the activities involving the production, processing, transportation, and consumption of agricultural goods. In other words, it's the movement of farming goods from production level to the final consumer - all of us. Explore our food system here!

Check out an example of the careers along a food value chain, such as Canola Researcher, here

More Info About Ag and Food

Where can I go to learn more about agriculture and food?

There are so many great places to see, hear and read about farming, food production, and agriculture. Check out virtual tours, field trips and general information here.

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