Students: Your Dream Career Is Waiting For You

Think all agriculture jobs are on the farm? Think again! With rewarding career opportunities in labs, boardrooms, the great outdoors, and beyond - you can find a job that suits your interests and fulfills your dreams.

Girl with backpack
Girl with backpack
Build Think Create
Organize Motivate Help

Step 1. Discover My Holland Code

Everyone’s career journey starts with understanding ourselves first!

Holland codes, otherwise known as the RIASEC system, help to categorize people according to their interests so they can be matched with fitting careers. The system was developed by Dr. John L. Holland, an academic scientist and psychologist. 

The Holland theory suggests that there are 6 broad areas into which careers can be grouped to describe people: their personalities, interests, and preferences. 

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Step 2. Explore Careers Based on My Code

To discover agriculture and food careers suited for you, select the interest area you scored highest in.


  • Build = Realistic
  • Think = Investigative
  • Create = Artistic
  • Help = Social
  • Persuade = Enterprising
  • Organize = Conventional

All interest areas begin with a few guiding questions to help you find your best fit. You may match up with careers in different interest areas. Make sure to explore careers wherever your interests are - because you are uniquely you.

Build icon


Are you practical, assertive, competitive and like to get jobs done yourself?

Think icon


Are you interested in science and technology? Do you like learning about the world around you to help you make new discoveries?

Create icon


Do you like painting, drawing, writing or playing instruments? Do you prefer the freedom to do your own thing, rather than following instructions?

Help icon


Are you empathetic, patient, and giving?

Persuade icon


Are you energetic, ambitious, confident, and assertive?

Organize icon


Are you orderly, methodical, detail-oriented, and thorough?

It takes all of the disciplines and passions – from agronomy to zoology – to solve the problems that farmers face to sustainably feed the world.

Dr. Paul Hoekstra
Vice President, Strategic Development, Grain Farmers of Ontario