Agriculture Retail Manager


People are always going to go shopping. A lot of our effort is just "how do we make the retail experience a great one?"

Phillip Green
Agriculture Retail Manager

In A Nutshell

I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of a store that sells farming-related goods, such as feed for animals and crop inputs like seed, crop protection products, and fertilizer.

 I manage employees, and make sure we have a good supply of all the products we sell. 

I handle issues and comments that customers bring up so they continue to have a positive experience working with us.


Potential Salary Range

$38,000 - 50,000 Annually

Which provinces would this job be in?

Alberta AB
British Columbia BC
British Columbia
Manitoba MB
New Brunswick NB
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador NL
Newfoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia NS
Nova Scotia
Nunavut NU
Northwest Territories NWT
Northwest Territories
Ontario ON
Prince Edward Island PEI
Prince Edward Island
Quebec QC
Saskwatchewan SK
Yukon Territories YT
Yukon Territories

I spend most of my hours in the office planning, making calls, and going through budgets. The best work days are spent training and meeting with staff, and visiting with customers in the retail or while loading their purchases into their vehicles.  


Indoor / Outdoor

Job Requirements & Duties

  • Hire new staff and train them based on company goals
  • Oversee budgets and make adjustments to purchasing and spending
  • Keep detailed financial records
  • Handle customer complaints and make sure they feel that their voices are heard
  • Deal with employee issues including disciplining behaviour that goes against company policy
  • Communicate with head office and make sure the store is working in line with company goals and ideals  

Education & Training

  • A university degree in business or a related field would be beneficial; however, some locations only require a high school diploma and several years of sales or management experience.

Job Outlook

    The outlook for this position is fair. This means there will be approximately the same number of jobs as there are people to fill them. 

Related School Subjects

Ed. Prof. et Tech.
English Language Arts
Career Education

What words come to mind when thinking about this career?

Service Organization Management

Important Skills

Customer Service

The most important part of the job is making sure customers are happy with their experience dealing with our retail location, so I make sure they feel valued and that their voices are heard.

Coaching & Mentoring

Technology can be intimidating for a lot of people. I need to be able to provide technical support and mentorship to clients in a way that they feel confident with the new products being introduced.   


Managing a retail is a careful balancing act when it comes to making sure there's an appropriate amount of products within our inventory to sell. It takes advanced planning with vendors and companies that we order supplies and products from to make sure we never run out of inventory, but also don't have too much supply. 

Conflict Resolution

Disagreements can happen, whether between employees or customers. It’s my role to try to smooth these conflicts over so everyone feels their experience with our retail was positive. 


The Best Things About This Job Are…

Helps Others
Working With A Team
Problem Solving
Has Business Perks
Opportunities for Advancement & Promotion