Policy Analyst


Public policy is a study in imperfection. It involves imperfect people, with imperfect information, facing deeply imperfect choices. 

Jake Sullivan
Policy Analyst

In A Nutshell

I try to influence political issues and raise public awareness on different topics.

I conduct research, comb through current policies and their effects, and present my findings.

I use data from my research to suggest directions for future policies that will better life for Canadians. 


Potential Salary Range

$59,000 - 68,000 Annually

Which provinces would this job be in?

Alberta AB
British Columbia BC
British Columbia
Manitoba MB
New Brunswick NB
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador NL
Newfoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia NS
Nova Scotia
Ontario ON
Prince Edward Island PEI
Prince Edward Island
Quebec QC
Saskwatchewan SK

I mostly work out of the office, where I can do research and reach out to professionals about current policies. This is where I write my reports and carry out all my correspondents.



Job Requirements & Duties

  • Review agricultural policies that impact Canadians
  • Decide the benefits and drawbacks of policies that already exist
  • Suggest ways to improve current policies
  • Find legal flaws in policies and recommend ways to fix them
  • Talk with stakeholders to understand the needs and goals of policies
  • Collect data and write reports on research and analysis

Education & Training

  • A university degree plus a post-graduate degree in policy is required for this position.

Job Outlook

    Experts predict that as the economy continues to grow, the outlook for this position will be very good for potential employees. 

Related School Subjects

Social Studies
Career Education

What words come to mind when thinking about this career?

Regulations Advocate Law Policy

Important Skills


Policy analysts are the movers and shakers of the policy world, and it’s important to lead with both respect and confidence. 

Detail-Oriented icon


In order to sway future policy decisions, it's important to first understand the impact of current ones. This takes lots of research to be informed enough to make these decisions.

Written Communications

After doing all my research, I then write reports that get sent to the right people. It’s helpful to enjoy writing, and to be able to write in a convincing way. 


Sometimes customers change their mind midway through a project and sometimes codes are hard to troubleshoot. It’s important to be resilient and get back up again after these challenges!


The Best Things About This Job Are…

Pays Well
Making a Difference in the World
Work Changes Daily
Problem Solving
Improves and Protects the Environment